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2023 WI opening weekend & a new potential PB.

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Seemed iffy to be rid of snow & Ice this year, but we just made it. I've been sparingly hitting some river spots the last couple weeks and either the walleyes have been in full spawn mode, or, they are just exceptionally happy to see me. Thought it would be on fire for opening morning. While it fell quite short of that, me and my roommate managed to fill our limits and freeze our fingers by about 7:30a.m. I'd rate the bite as slow-ish, but, the truly disturbing detail of opening a.m. for me was getting outfished by my roommate (at least for numbers)馃. We each got our 3 keepers, but he was giving me lessons as we released a handful after securing our fish fry.
The saving grace in my corner, was the 29 & 1/8" spawned-out female I managed to score to finish out my limit. I've caught 2 or 3 heavier walleyes, I think, but this was the longest I've ever measured. It seemed a fish worthy, so, it'll be off to the taxidermist as soon as I pick 1. Pretty good battle on my 7' light stick. A big thanks to my roomie who hand-scooped it onto the bank! As I mentioned, think Ive caught a couple that weighed more, but this 1 was a beautiful dark-backed fish with that bright gold. After enduring the smack-talk for catching fewer fish than my buddy, I got home and wrapped it in a damp towel, placed it on a flat plank and put it In the freezer til it's time for the taxidermist.
After my roommates gloating simmered down, I did manage to fix his wagon on Sunday a.m. as I got mine & his limit and a few releases as he wondered what had changed from the prior morning.
Caught a few on hair jigs, but more on 4" plastic minnows on 1/8 & 1/4 jig heads gliding in the current seams.
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What it ate (been catching lots on this combo as of late)
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That sure is a gorgeous Wally. Looking forward to seeing the mount.
When a fisherman of your pedigree says PB, I know it is going to be a stud.
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+++ on what Matt said. Even though I am about 800 miles south of you I was wondering and hoping that you would post an opening day report.

Nice fish. Congrats.

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Wow, I take that as quite a compliment coming from you guys. Thanks.

I, too, look forward to seeing how the mount turns out. I had a replica mount of the 1st sailfish I ever caught, but outside of that, I've never had a fish mount done.

Who knows how many more I've got left to catch, so I figured I'd like to get a couple for the wall(s) in the next season or 3.
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Man, those tannic water eyes really have some color! Nice wall hanger!
" a fisherman of your pedigree"
Thats statement describes you well. One beautiful fish.
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