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Got a water temp of 44.1 around 10am. Winds kept changing directions early in the morning until settling on coming from the south. Usually I'm just fishing the wind blown shore this time of year. Never found the crappie, a guy was getting some tight to the drop off bank on the wind blown shore with a crappie jig slow twitched or just bobbing in the waves. I think they were really finicky with the weather, wouldn't eat my spy bait or jerkbait. I did get one on a jerkbait just before I left. Bass bite was kind of weak too, no sun all day. Waiting for that sunny, strong winds day. Got one on the dreaded first cast of the day with a small jig and swimbait, dragging/hopping the bottom. Two on a spybait. Two on a jerkbait. None from the same area, had to move around. Only one bass was on the windblown shoreline. I've got about three more weeks of pond fishing before my free days move to Lake Michigan smallies.

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