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3/22/09 EARLY bass!

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Karen and myself ventured out to one of my 55 acre secrets given to me by a friend from another site in search of some early largemouth... It took a mere 5 casts to boat the first bass of the year, a 3 pounder... Karen let me catch a few before she got in on the action... Total, we caught 12... All but 3 of them were keepers... They really wanted red or chartreuse YoZuri Rattlin' Vibe lipless crankbaits... Fish were roaming mostly in 5-8 feet of water and we were tickling the tops of the weeds... Water was 49-50 degrees and we were surprised the fish were so cooperative... - BPM


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Nice fish! Looks like you guys had a great time.
Great fishing out there ! 49-50 degree water already ,that must be nice!
Superb post. Congrats on the first bass of the year. Can't beat it being a chunker!
Awesome job!
Awesome bassing! Loved the videos

and yes... you both kicked my ass!

next weekend though, watch out!
Well done! Way to get onto some early season bass.
Way to go guys, certainly more to show than I got this weekend. Asses generously kicked.
Cam said:
Way to go guys, certainly more to show than I got this weekend. Asses generously kicked.
I had a great time even with the coho skunk!
This is a rather long video showcasing 7 of the 12 fish caught, but you all know how to use the fast forward button. :wink:

Now we gotta get some footage of some 4 and 5 pounders in the next couple weeks! Gonna have to pull out the plastics... Them big ones are too lazy to compete with them 2-3 pounders... - BPM
Nice job guys nice video Karen
Nice fish!
Nice fishies guys! Good way to kick off the spring season.
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