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Figured the 6"+ snow we got up North might allow me some breathing room to fish for Mr. Walter. Didn't expect to be the only OCD fisherman out though... arrived to a beatiful sunset and plenty of river with no one else around :D

Fished 6:15-8 pm. Tossed X-Rap & X-Rap shad w/ no takers, but a Chartreuse jig & 3" smelt colored GULP minnow did produce. Managed 3 small males (12"-13") after I figured out the difference between a bite & the bottom, though it was a subtle difference. Basically, if it felt like you were dragging a floating leaf, it was probably a fish. Slightly more weight than that and it was rock/bottom/debris. Nothing like standing knee deep in a cold, dark river surrounded by inches of snow and catching a few walleye with no crowds to speak of. I'm embarassed to say I didn't grab any pics as I was too lazy/cold to wade the 15'-20' back to shore, shed the gloves, and grab the camera, but if the fish get larger that may change. Until then, good fishing.

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