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So I took my boy Augie to Busse today...hit the WWD first. Could see em but couldn't get anything to bite. We saw two small northern swiming side-by-side that looked like they might be spawning. Got rained on. We decided to walk over to the dam and try our luck there, but got distracted on the way. Just upstream from the dam toward the left shore these HUGE fish were jumping...sometimes clean out of the water...i just couldn't get a good enough look to see what they were. We went around the left side to the tall weeds and tried there. The water was considerably murky there and it was hard to fish cuz of the tall weeds, so we decided to go back toward the dam...buggers were still jumping the whole time. We went down the concrete embankment of the dam on the left on the up-stream side and tried there. Augie managed to get a bluegill. I managed to fall in the lake. Yup...fell in. The embankment is sloped pretty steep. I got a bit too close to the waterline and cast a little too aggresively. The concrete had algae at the waterline, which I stepped on, and went right in...and proceeded to slide down the algae-covered slope to up over my waiste. The sad part was I actually had a heck of a time getting was so slippery that the more I struggled, the more I slid in. Augie looked terrified at first (he's only 7), but then laughed his little butt off once I made it out. Not my proudest moment. Yes, I'm an idiot. Miraculously my cell phone still works.

Anybody have any idea what these big jumpers could be?

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