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3 Amigos Busse Report 11/9/2005

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Ok, I'll report it since the other 2 amigos are so ashamed to say anything. Yes Mike, Aris and I fished the south pool of Busse from 10-2 with the BIG FAT NASTY STINKY SKUNKEROO!

But what a frickin gorgeous day to be out on the water. Mike's new pondprowler ran perfectly. Spending a Nov. day in shorts and a T made for a great last hoorah regardless of the skunk.
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Yeah, a bad day on the water this time of year in this weather still beats working! Pretty soon we'll have to hit the Busse WWD. :lol:
Ya it sure was a beautiful day!!!

We had 2 boats out there and I don`t believe we had a single bite.
This lake has always been tough for me.

I forgot how to fish ! Hey Doc can u give me some tips ?
Culprit said:
Ya it sure was a beautiful day!!!

We had 2 boats out there and I don`t believe we had a single bite.
This lake has always been tough for me.

I forgot how to fish ! Hey Doc can u give me some tips ?
Yes Aris, but it will cost you! I'm no expert at fishing Busse. As a matter of fact, I've really only fished the WWD in the winter and that's like shooting fish in a barrel. :D


What a difference a day makes. It's cold today
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Maybe just a minnow and bobber would get you some bites. I don't fish Busse, but hear that it is tempermental. Ya never know this time of year. Some lakes that are great in the Spring and Summer absolutely shut down in the Fall. Wish I knew why.
We had a bucket of minnows Augy fish most of the day withem
we marked tons of fish on the finder, they just weren't interested. i must of had them minners dangling right in front of their noses.
What I was taught was to fish dropoffs on the deep side and cast toward shore. It is tempermental, especially the SP the only structure is the dropoffs.

The best day I have had out there was this spring. It was the third day after a front. I caught all my fish on a shallow diving perch shad rap, hitting the rocky bottom. At one point I got 4 eyes on four casts. We ended up getting around 10 eyes and 8 LMB (biggest 17"). Two doubleheaders, two eyes at 20" by far my best day at Busse.

How was the wind? It can be miserable there when its blowing at any more than 12mph. I havent been there by boat since may, becuz I was fishing that private lake all summer(5mins away).

I am going to try to get out there before the weather turns too crappy, I might need a partner if anyone is interested.

Heres a pic of that day. Funny, I just made it my avatar this morning.

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Nice job, MrB. It looks like you know how to fish Busse. Maybe the rest of us can learn a thing or two from you. :wink:
I cant take too much credit for it, my partner that day has been fishing it for 15yrs and pretty much knows every nook and cranny of the SP. Funny thing is that he never uses bait. I was just lucky that he was willing to pass his knowledge over to me.
i don't think you'll have a hard time finding a partner for a day out on the water here mrb.

we marked most of the fish in the deep hole about 60 yards west of the fishing wall. between the island and the south bank. a nice deep channel runs between them. they were either suspending mid depth or hugging the bottom. wind wasn't bad...probably around 5-7mph. i have a better understanding of the south pool now. first time fishing it from a boat. come spring, i'll be hitting it more often. after all, it is the premiere fp lake around these parts.
Check this out from the DNR: ... Report.pdf

BUSSE RESERVOIR (Main & South Pools) - Busse Lake Main and South Pools are some of the best places to target walleye in Cook County. The supplemental stocking of walleye in Busse Lake has been very successful. Initial stockings took place in 1986 and over the years Busse Lake has developed into a respectable walleye lake. Recent survey data indicates a well structured population represented by several year classes present. Busse Main (410.0 acres) lake is larger than the South Pool (146.0 acres) and offers more desirable habitat and subsequently better walleye fishing. The lake has an 18 inch length limit and a 2 pole and line limit on gear. Walleye larger than 18 inches are present and were collected in recent surveys, fish over 6 pounds are present. :shock: To maintain the fishery, 20,650 two inch fingerlings are stocked annually.
Thanks for the link MrB. It looks like Busse is the place to go for walleye. :D
NIce Eyes Mr B I Love that place
Great stuff MrB. Thanks!
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