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3rd annual Walk On Water Ice Benefit

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We have a date and a place for the third annual benefit ice derby. It will be held Feb 3, 2007 on Bangs lake in Wauconda. Bangs lake is an over looked fishery with good action on tip up for bass and northern as well as a plentiful supply of panfish. As in years past all proceeds raise will go to aid in the fight against cancer. Donation of 15 is asked, kids 12 and under free and we will be holding the raffle at the conclusion.
More information can be found at: I cant tell you all the prizes but lets start the list off with 3 guide trips for musky and one guide trip for a great day of multi-species fishing :wink:

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Sounds like a great event. Looking forward to it.
That sounds like a great event. Hopefully this year we will have some ice.
We're proud to have you and WOW here Brent. Looking forward to it.
new prizes and features check it out, turn your speakers on :wink:

The rumor mill:....................................

Beaver Dam will return as a sponsor donating Walk On Water logo tip ups, Clam Corp will be donating a one person shanty, JohnnyB from the Loop has donated a prize package, and the list goes on I just can't spill all of the beans :wink:

Brent, give me a call anytime about your bcards. They are printed and ready to be distributed.

btw, u should set up your signature with
I got a booth at the Arlington Show and hope to meet some of you guys there, I will be on the first floor

Catman said:
I got a booth at the Arlington Show and hope to meet some of you guys there, I will be on the first floor

We look forward to it! :D
we are starting to look good,,,Even if you guys don't want to go fishing stop by for the raffle or to give a hand.

I went out last night and talked with the Sergeant of Wauconda Police dept on our options for parking. There are a couple of areas that people can use to park. Please stay to these parking areas as they are the only public area. There is no public parking to the east end of the lake.

1 is Wauconda Boat and behind Docksides
2 is Lindy's Landing original lot
3 is Homer T Cook Park which is park district owned and Does Not require a permit on weekends
4 is the municipal lot

In addition I had mention in an earlier post about getting together at Dukes bar and grill, I will be heading there after the event to unwind for an hour or so, the issue is that I have no idea how many people will be attending, and since we sell raffle tickets during the entire derby, I don't see it feasable to hold the raffle there if there are 150 or more in attendance.

Wauconda Boat and Tackle does sell bait and has asked how many people will be attending so if you have not gone to and preregister please do. You are welcome to bring your own bait.

Things still in need:
digital fish scales
a couple of ruler boards
walkie talkies

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I'll be there Brent! Where is the main area located.

Also, can you put up a different banner for me in the sponsor section? I'd like to use the website instead. Thanks.

As always, if you need anything else, let me know.

Wauconda Boat will be the main headquarters for sign up after that if I get enough people I'll have folks out on the ice to enter fish

As of right now Lindy's is off limits to parking, If something changes I will let you guys know but the owner is asking that the ice fisherman park elsewhere to save it for their construction people

Here is the deal
Parking will be at Wauconda Boat, Homer T.Cook Park and I'm currently working on parking at the park district marina. As far as registration goes, If I get the tent I'm working on it will be on the lake somewhere out from Lindy's and Wauconda Boat. you will know whick one it is because it will be about 10 feet by 10 feet big.

How registration works
You will sign up which is signing a disclaimer, you will get a entry ticket, save this ticket.
You will then have the option to purchase tickets for the raffle that will be held at 1230 at Wauconda Boat. Raffle tickets are a dollar each or 6 for five dollars. You will need to be present to win.

What to do when you catch a fish
I have a number of helpers that will be roaming the ice, they will have IDOT safety vest on or you may come to the main tent. To enter a fish you will need the ticket (entry) that you were give at registration. That helps us find your name. The fish will then be entered manually or via radio to the main tent. Please remember that game fish (bass,pike,walleye,muskie,) must be released alive.

At Noon the derby will not take any further entries. We will move to Wauconda Boat to give out the Derby prizes as well as start calling numbers for the raffle prizes.

I thank you in advance for all that have helped

I should have a couple of people taking pictures please help them out with capturing some good memories.

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High of ~10 degrees on Saturday.

Don't let that stop you!
Add an extra layer of thermax and show up.

I use those disposable heat pads when it gets really cold.
Put several in your pockets, close to the chest.
Also one in back and front pockets inside your cold weather gear.
If needed, in gloves or hat...

Last weekend it was ~20 out, a decent wind blowing made for a nasty windchill.
I put a heat pack in my front pocket of my inside shirt.
That warmed up my chest/heart area and my fingers warmed up!

I'd also try a baclava/fleece or thermal head cover.
Try one that enables you to still wear a hat
and it covers your head and tucks into your coat.

Heat goes out the head so its a "good thing"..
Main thing is to keep warm, then catch fish..

I'm trying to figure out a way to add a Bears flag to my Clam 2000.
We should get extra points Brent, or maybe an extra inch per fish... :wink:

We'll be out there by 9am.
(Can't do 7am with kids.)

There will be lots of helpers and guys available to cut holes.
We have about 12 going in our group.

Chime in, who's going!!

We'll be there in a Blue Clam 2000, prolly several.
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I had it set up that a vendor would come out to the lake with his concession stand and sell coffee,hot chocolate,hotdogs and doughnuts, I have run into a problem contacting this person. With the little time that is left I will be unable to correct this problem. Sorry

Not a problem here Brent!
We'll stop before we get there.

Besides, you know how much crap we bring out on the ice.
Probably both lunch and dinner hidden in our buckets & bags..

i can't make it to the event guys. something came up and gotta head up to Michigan tomorrow! good luck out there, be safe, stay warm and have a great time!
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