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Fished from 11-1:30 and got skunked. I just wanted to check out the new Daiwa baitcaster rod and reel I bought at Lee's on Saturday. I've never fished the pond before and never successfully used a baitcaster. I tried casting my cousin's a couple of year's ago. Out of 5 casts, 3 were nasty backlashed and 2 went about 5 feet :shock: He then took it out of my hands before I could do any more damage. Only two backlashes this time, but I couldn't get my Rapala jointed minnow out more than 15 yards but made good progress with heavier baits. I then proceeded to Beck and made an ass out of myself by backlashing a bunch of times. NO weeds at Beck to speak of. :(
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Don`t give up on the baitcaster u`ll love it once u get the hang of it :)
Rob, when I arrived at about 1:30pm I saw someone sitting along the eastern shore working on a reel or something. Was that you?
Yup that was me :oops: I started getting some nice distance and accuracy after a while. Didn't get the 2 backlashes until I tried to get too cute. When I bought the rod/reel, the guy from Team Daiwa gave me some real good pointers and related baitcasting to golf, which made things real easy for me. I'm a legitimate 300 yard driver and get my power from torquing the driver at the top with the club head still going backwards as my hands start moving forwards making the flex in the shaft do a lot of the work.
that's a great analogy with the golf/baitcaster stroke! it's a one step smooth swift swing backward then forward stroke. just keep at it rob and you'll love it like Culprit said.
im still not great a my baitcaster, but I love it. :D I hate using spinning stuff now. I have had days at beck recently where I got cocky casting into the wind and had about 20 backlashes, untill a catostrophic one sent me home. :cry: Oh well. Gotta practice somewhere.
I had the same exact experience at Beck yesterday. LOL I'm not the least bit discouraged because the learning curve has been quicker then spinning gear. Believe it or not, it took me a while to learn how to properly cast spinning gear. Then again, I was a kid when I learned and I never used a spincast in my life. The nice thing about the baitcaster is casting out far without all of the body English. I almost slipped off the South Rocks last year trying to get a spoon out to an area that was producing Kings :shock:
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