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Hey Guys, Although I haven't been Reporting Because Of The Limited Access I have On The Computer I Have Been Fishing! And It's been Considerably Good, The thing That'll Stay most consistent Is My "SEASON TALLY" I'll Update that in my last report Even if I don't Report. But Anyhow, We got out in the A.M. For some Large Mouth Bass Action And i ended up catching 4 on plastics. My Brother James Managed 2. While we Were Fishing it was VERY Windy Gust up to 35mph And The Temperature going from 65 to 53 in the Middle of our trip. Definitely Tough conditions but we managed these few keepers (Of Coarse all were released!)


Temperature: 65 Dropping to 53

Sky: Mostly Cloudy

Wind Range: high ( 20-30MPH)

Wind Direction: South West

Weather trends: COOLING

Barometer: Lowering 30.22

Water temp: 56

Water Color: CLEAR

Water Level:Low

Water Visibility: 3ft

Current Conditions: Moderate

Bottom Conditions:Rocky

* Georges Out Come*

Caught: 4

Lost: 0

Released: 4

Fish Health: healthy


Bait/Lure Presentation: Slow

Rod Used: G-Loomis 7'6

Reel used: Dawaii TD

Line used: 10lb Suffix

Lure/Hook: Plastics

Bait used:---

Beverage: -----

Snack: ------

Repellent: ---

*Season Tally*

Season Skunks: 2

Season Fish: 250

Bass: 140

Season Outings: 39

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nice fish dude.hopefully we can get some on the 18th since everytime i come in i bring in a coldfront lol.

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the Bass Are in Full Spawn Here, And Tough john. the Fish we Are Catching are Small Male Stragglers Caught 2 Bass Yesterday and 3 Crappie tons Of pan fish there though. The Crappie themselves are spawning and were only catching small stragglers Can't wait until it's over :D did Find a New Vertical technique for the bass though using Finnesse Tactics you never Dreamed of! I'll show you when you come. Just jumped on to Add to The Fish total.



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Man, Spent all last week Well this week. Filming And Now I keep getting error messages when trying to get my video up... It sucks to because I'm Not in my competitive state anymore I just want to TEACh the sport of fishing, And My First video on that specific thing i Can't get the dam thing up. I'll Get you a report tomorrow And of coarse from Sunday's tournament. I'll Write out in detail in these upcoming reports... have your reading glasses

Video Will be up shortly hopefully have been working on it for days.

Take a kid fishing, or even an Elder for that matter... :D
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