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Headed back out to the Fox last night hoping lightning might strike twice w/ another big 'eye or another shot at Mr. Muskie. No such luck, and the only other fish I saw landed were sheepshead & few white bass. When I was getting ready to leave at about 8:20, though, I felt a tap and fish on. I knew pretty quick I didn't have a walleye but wasn't going to concede that it was a carp after my muskie experience the other night. Make a long story short, I landed this ugly beast (poor man's walleye) after a 25 minute battle about 75-100 yards downstream from where I hooked it, along with about 1000 mosquito bites. They seriously weren't bad till I hooked this fish & then it became buffet time as my hands were full.

Not what I was looking for, but what a fight! Almost spooled me twice & I think she strained a muscle in my forearm, but was easily the best fighting fish (that was legally hooked) in a looooooong time. With water levels dropping rapidly & not much rain forecast it may be time to head further down river for some smallies. Until then, good fishing.

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