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Keith and I hit IG for a couple hours this evening. I decided to take a pass on perch. I've been really hitting the lake hard the past week and decided to try for something else tonight.

Keith picked up three dink bass 9-11" on 5" senkos. I put on a frog and focused on the scum. There's a lot of thick stuff at IG right now. I wonder if they are planning a weedkill like the did last year...

Got a blowup and hooked into a 2# fish or so. Lost him on the second aerial. Bummer. Managed to induce another blowup next to a huge rock I saw in about 2 feet of water in some thick cover. Saw the strike (which is my favorite thing about topwater), waited...waited... (very important step with fishing with frogs), then set! fish on!

16" fish, but pretty damn skinny.

quick photo and released.

no other blowups on the night. good to see that bass are becoming more aggressive with the topwater bite.

fish was taken on a spro frog

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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