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5/7/2008 Fishing in the Rain

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I went to a spot this morning and fished in the rain for about an hour. Sorry about the quality of the first pic because of the rain. LOL Both fish hit right by shore.

A fat 16 incher

A nice 15 incher
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Nice ones Doc. Fishing in the rain is good stuff. 8)
An hour well spent in the rain Doc..

Nice Job..

nice ones Doc! i like the rain pics :D :D ...i think i actually enjoy fishing in rain, if it not that cold and windy rain....bassin in the rain, most times equals havin all the spots to yourself :D :D .

what did they hit on?

what would we all do without fishing? I do not know???


I tried 2 get out today as well but couldn't :cry: .Nice job Doc.
Nice fish!! That second one looks like it has a bit of an upper lip issue. :?
Great Job! I was thinking about fishing the rain myself, but i wussed out. It stopped since then, might give Lake Opeka a try this afternoon if the weather holds.
What did you use, Tim?
Nice bass! especially in the rain! glad you got out in those conditions. congrats
I didn't really appreciate the upper lip on the second one until I got home and looked at the pic on my phone. Like I said, it was raining pretty hard when I was there.

As far as lures, let's just say a chatterbait and a crankbait. :p
Very nice fish Doc!
Very nice Doc!
Fishin in the rain :shock: those r some nice fish Doc.
The weird upper lip thing I`ve noticed on more than a few fish there :?
Like the St. Croix!

Thanks for the post.

Best time to fish is in the rain. Well done Doc.
Nice job Doc
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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