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$500 computer controlled reel! crying out loud, what's next?

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shimano has a reel that uses a microprocessor to control the brake on the casting reel. i mean really, what's next, a rod and reel that finds, catches, nets, and fillets the fish for you??? don't you think this is going to far?

Calcutta TE DC
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With the way I am with my baitcaster, I could use all the help I can get!! :oops:
Hmm.... Yeah, lol $500 for a reel? I don't know about that one dude.... I'd rather buy $100 dollar reel and spend $400 on fishing lures.... how awesome would that be, lol.
Shimano does have a lot of high end reels. That is just crazy. The most I have ever spent on a reel is about $60. I wouldn't even consider spending $200 or more, even if money was no object.
I would hate to drop that reel in the water :shock:
what if it crashes :lol:
Willy said:
what if it crashes :lol:
Good one Willy!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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