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6/15 Report

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Actually, I never got to post a report from 6/10, but if you refer to my 6/9 report, just think same bat time, same bat place, same bat channel... 7-8 bass landed between 14-17" & a couple lost/missed. Got pics but haven't had time to upload 'em yet, sorry. Needless to say it was a great 2 days of fishing at the Glen with around 20 - 14"+ bass landed.
As for yesterday, I arrived around 6:45 pm after another grueling day at work. Winds were calm to light at best, but it was cooling off already. Tossed my standby jig & Gulp! crawler combo till around 8:30 pm. Landed a fat 17" 'eye within the first 10 minutes in some deeper water, went to snap a pic and my Kodak's light flashed red indicating DEAD batteries :evil: !!! Oh well, memory's in my mind. Ended up landing one more small 'eye and 3 - 14"-15" bass and lost one a little bigger on the jump. Also nailed 2-3 large BULL-gills on the same set-up that fought like the bass! Seriously trophy gills though, "Geneva" size in my opinion. Great way to end my week. Good Fishing.

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