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6-16-06 The Glen

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Fished around 11 am for about an hour, very cloudy, real windy, and very hot. Fished a 5" smoke pearl dinger from the southern most pier until the 2nd bridge (you guys seem to have a lot of luck there) but I didn't get a single hit.

On a brighter note, Dicks is having a sale with 20% of all soft plastics, and 20% of all Strike King lures. I stocked up like mad on plastics and jigs. Good stuff.

I'm goin fishin' on a family friends stream up in wisconsin. Anybody know if there are any smallmouths in there? I know there's carp....... blah
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I'm not sure about Wisc smallies, krnfishboy, but thanks for the heads up on the Dicks sale. I'll have to try to steer our weekend shopping route that way :)
Dick's also has 20% off Rapalas through today.
They do have some great deals once in awhile. I just bought my father-in-law a Daiwa spinning combo for $15 bucks, Reg. $30. And it's decent quality. It will work well for his very first fishing rig.
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