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6-26-09 Evening bite

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Hit the water about 515pm , apparently the gates had just opened, i was the only one at the lake for a good hour or so. Got out on the kayak and headed out to the island where the water was calmer and out of the wind. The weeds are thick thick, and topped with big clumps of algae and dead shad. Dunno why the die off, however the water was very warm.

Circled the island and fished the outside weed edge, few gills and small crappie was it. Decided to drift the eastern shore line for a bit, and found a killer crappie hole ! Caught 20+ crappie in about 10 mins from 6" to a couple 14+ ! Sunken and twitched Tarantula with a Crappie Candy did it again. Must have caught them all, cuz the bite simply died as soon as it started. Drifted around here and there, mostly crappie and gills again, the weeds were too thick to throw anything for bass.

At dusk, i drifted the entire north shoreline back to the launch, tied on a sz6 black gurgler, whacked a dozen or so 10-15" bass in the shallows.

The shoreline looks like a nightmare for bank fishers, weeds are so thick i can't see it being enjoyable, boating is best.
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awesome day out there. i havent been to beck since that day i met you. ive been doing a little more exploring and have more time now that school is out.
Good job, Jim. Sounds like you had a productive day.
Those big shad die off when it gets hot. I actually saw one around 16" about to die on the surface. Litteraly bigger than the bass I got that day. Im just glad the weedkiller hasnt gone in yet.
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