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6/26 Lake Opeka Fishing Report

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Made it out twice today. Noon right as it started downpouring :evil: And again about 4pm. Switched to Fireline 14lb. I was skunkerro'd. Threw everything I had on the end of the line to no avail. Switched the rig back to 6lb Stren mono for tomorrow just to see if it makes a difference. Somehow I think it will, cause I know the fish are there and most of what I am tossing isn't technique heavy (chatter-bait, poppers, spinners). We shall see.

Also, met a hispanic genlteman who was kicked out due to no Lake Park Pin. (I had no idea how much they patrol!!When I first started going there I hardly ever saw anyone) Anyway, despite our communication difficulties, he did understand about the Pin and the IL Lisence, but was surprised that he needed either. Educate, educate, educate.
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