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6/29 Lake Opeka Fishing Report

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North point again, NNE winds, mild, sunny, 78*, 6lb mono again, more of dem pumkinseed 5" senko's, got eight LM Bass: 6 about 10-12" and two 14"+. Not a bad outing!

Met a guy there who fishes it during his lunch hour and that's when the bigger dogs got on. He was there last time I had two bigger dogs too! Hmmm...

Also, some older, bald, white haired white guy comes, doesn't say a word but just starts casting about ten or so feet from me, and even has the b*lls to cast right in front of me a couple of times! :shock: I couldn't believe it, but I didn't say anything, I cast right out in front of him about twenty feet out and BAM one of the 10"ers hops on my line! :D I couldn't believe it! Couldn't of been more picture perfect. He caught nothing the entire time he was there! Saaaweeeeeet!
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NICE!! Some people are just plain idiots or have no notion of simple manners and courtesy. Way to go snagging "his" bass! :mrgreen:

i knew it had to be the line choice that made all the difference. the bastard dude wasn't using braided line was he???? lol
Went out after dinner 6:45 - 8pm for a 'quick bite' :lol: Got two LM: a 10" and a 14" on the pumkinseed senko. Threw a white spinner and a yeller chatterbait with no response.

Met up with a couple of high school age punks (they were nice, just razzin' :p ) they said that their bud has pulled a handful of Northern out and some carp and catfish as well.
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