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6/4 report

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NNE mild winds, sunny. Fished south 'spot' from 6:15pm to 7:30pm. Threw out senkos, sluggo, spinner and lizard thingy with no results. Brought second set up for slip bobber worms just to improve odds a bit while practicing plastics. Glad I did, got a nice 16" LM (we're getting a camera, I swear!).

Two interesting side notes: 1) Old Man park guy came around checking fishing passes. I thought he was gonna have a stroke going after some kids! (he'd told them several times they had to have passes), 2) a gentleman (who was presumably mexican-american) came running up as I pulled in the LM, totally excited. He couldn't believe that I was gonna through the fish back and stood there dumbfounded after I did. His wife couldn't believe it either. Super nice guy, names Shawn (also met Moses), asked about fishing there and around the area, we had a great conversation. My point is he was completely unaware of size limits, passes, IL state fishing licenses, etc. I say all this (and his ethnicity) to simply point out that I think most anyone is willing to play by the rules if they know the rules and are approached in a friendly fashion, and I also think that keeping the fish and being so shocked about catch & release is at least partly due to a cultural thing. After I explained why I do (that smaller fish especially need time to grow, then spawn, etc. keeping the fish population going he was much more understanding, but still a bit perplexed. I think he was more excited about me catching the fish than I was!) Let's all try to further the sport fishing concept in and out of the water!
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Very well put. I couldn't agree more.
Way to go Top! Good to know we have anglers like you on WCF.
Well said!!! Words we can all use, true in the fishing world and most other parts of life as well.
btw, wal-mart has a keychain digital camera for $15 bucks. ideal for taking along for fishing pics. that is unless you want to take hi res photos.
Is it any good? We don't take many pics so spending 150+ on a camera is kinda a waste for us, but I would like something to take out to the lake for fish pics. Have you tried it? Can you post a pic taken with it? Thanks....
I haven't tried this particular one but did have something similar I used a couple years back and it's not bad. It's kinda like a camera from them cell phones but a bit better in quality. Also remember, we're fishing, near water. Water and know the story. For $15, this camera is expendable. If it goes in the drink, it's easily replaceable. Not so with a $150 camera, or in my case, $500 bones. Ouch!! Plus it's so small. It's about the size of a 35mm film canister. You can toss it right in the tackle box. I'm picking one up next trip out to walmart.
If your talking about that little Philips keychain camera, I'm not even sure it's worth 15 cents. Bought it for my 6 yr old since she likes to play with my regular digi camera. The quality of the pictures are awful. You have to be completely still to take a picture without getting blury results. And since there's no lcd screen, you have no idea how bad the pic may be. My daughter would take several pics of one subject, and we would be lucky if we got one decent in quality. Same results if I tried to take pics on it. Sorry, don't have any sample pics from it. We deleted them all.

Plus the highest resolution of it is like 350x225, which is a very small picture (3x3 inches or so), not even printable. The lowend camera phones take at least 640x480 resolution pics.

And the software that you have to use with it to get the pics on your pc is not very user friendly.

We ended up returning it. This was back around Christmas, and I think we paid $20 for it.

I guess maybe it's not bad at $15, and nice to have with you for proof of that big hawg you wrangled in. Just remember to take a lot of pics of the same subject in hopes of one coming out decent.

Here's a review of the Philips keychain camera with a sample pic, if interested...
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