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6/9 Report w/ Pics

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Hit up The Glen for the first time in a week (actually, it was my first time fishing since last weekend at the Glen). Arrived around 7:30 A.M. and was greeted by high, bluebird skies without an ounce of wind in sight. I knew my chances at Mr. Walter were out of the question, but these conditions had me worried I'd get anything but a bluegill. Started off tossing a black spinnerbait but after 10 or so casts something just didn't feel right about my lure selection, so I switched it up to a jig & Berkley Gulp! crawler. Two hours later I was heading home with close to a dozen bass landed, all over 14" w/ the big fish at about 17" plus numerous others lost on either the hookset or on a jump. Funny thing was I NEVER switched spots! All these fish were caught within approximately a 20 foot diameter. Most were caught during my first hour of fishing, but still managed a few as the sun's intensity began truly being felt. Despite the fast action, the bite was actually very light and it took a lot of "charisma" to hook up with all the largemouth. I credit my experience jig fishing for walleyes with helping me land all of this morning's fish. Snapped a few pics before my memory card became full... here's a sampling. Hope everyone's taking advantage of this late Spring/early Summer peak right now. Good fishing.


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Nice job man. Seems like you're consistently nailing them at this lake. 8)
Great job Alex,those piers r really producing for u,I had the same experiance last thursday all the fish I caught were in exactly the same spot an area of about 6` by 6` lol
That's a nice number of fish. Man was it hot in the sun today, looks like you had a fun time. Nice job :D
Good job Alex! It looks like you really have the Glen figured out this year.
Al, Thanks for sharing the way you were catching your fish. I am the guy who after watching you catch all those fish, walked out and asked you what you were using. After talking to you I went back to the south rocks and caught several small bass using your method. Thanks again.
Nice fish Alex! I have spent countless days jigging for walleye in Canada and know what you mean about the type of "feel" one can develop. Way to take advantage of your skills!
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