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6/9 S.S. Opeka

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got out by boat and got the skunkeroo. tossed the trusty senkos with no response, white spinner, bucktail, x-rap, kitchen sink, and nothing at all :? Another boat was out, actually a very nice bass boat with all the trimmings, and they got a few bass they said. talked to a kid who shore fishes there and he's claiming a bunch of lmb's up to 20". I haven't seen that this year. definitely unlike june of last year. hmm, will have to give some thought to what i'm doing wrong, should be getting on some.

jr. closed the lake about 7pm too, which is kind of a raw deal. should stay open until sunset. gotta love the park district :roll: beautiful evening though, nice just to get out with the wifiepooh.
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