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Was at Ind. Grove from about 11 am till 3pm today. It was mostly cloudy with some wind, and cool temperatures (upper 60's).

Fished the whole west side and north-west side of the lake (well where I could access the shoreline)

I hooked into a whole crap load of bluegills, perch, and few bass (13" and 8") underneath the bridges over there using nightcrawlers and a float about 2-3 feet above.

I tried fishing lures: spinneraits, dingers, flukes, x-rap, crankbaits, without a single hit. This lake doesn't seem to produce very well when you fish artificial lures from shore. This was my 5th time at IG, and I've only caught fish off lures while fishing from boat. Seems like everybody else has luck though...

Any tips or suggestions?
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Find a spot that looks good (up to lots of interpretation) and throw a senko and just tighten your line so you can feel it when the big bass bite as it drops. The bass will bite it, just keep it up.
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