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7/13 report

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85*, sunny, east winds, should've been a perfect Opeka day. Only one dink LM. Fished11am - 12:30pm. I think the warmer temps are slowing down the bite. Tried a few 'sure thing' spots with only the dink to show for it. I think I'll head over again for a late evening quickie as well...
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Thanks for all the reports, Topwater! I bet you'll have much better luck later this evening.
PM report: fished from 7:45 - 8:45pm, overcast, mild east winds (i think), and a BUCKET FISHERMAN in 'MY SPOT' :evil: Oh, how fate hands you a full deck when you cast dispersions on any group of people!

Anyway, I move to my 'other spot' on the north and got skunked there on senkos and the slug-go.
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