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7-18-2008 Lake Geneva Night Fishing

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Went out for my first night fishing experience ever on Friday night. Started out of Linn Pier around 10:00pm and headed east. Fished primarily crawfish imitations soft plastics. The wind was calm to barely a breeze which probably hurt the fishing a little with the full moon out. First couple of spots resulted in a few fish, but nothing huge. Then we found a nice little area about 100 feet out from shore with a few weeds here and there and started him them pretty good. The biggest fish brought in was about 20" and was slightly over 4 pounds. Just when the fishing started getting good the winds picked up, the temperature dropped, and we knew rain was on the way. We quickly went across the lake to just past the mid-way point and sought shelter under an empty covered pier. Figured we would wait it out not realizing we would be waiting it out for a full 3 hours. We both ended up sleeping on the boat for a couple of hours while the rain just poured down the whole time. A few lighting strikes and claps of thunder as well. When it finally stopped around 6:30am we headed back out for another couple of hours, but ended up with only one fish. The action had officially died so we called it at 8:30am. It was great up until the rain came in. It also took away any possibility of us going after some walleye when we lost out on that 3 hours of fishing time. It was disappointing because I love catching walleye, but we didn't get the chance. I guess we should have started out with them. All in all though it was fun before the weather went bad. Definitely something I will be doing again. The big ones come out at night!! :D

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