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7/18 Lake Opeka FYI

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I got over for about 15minutes this morning. Nada. However, if you've thought about fishing Opeka and have been waiting for a good day, the conditions as of this writing (noon) are what I would consider favorable for Opeka from a boat or the southern shore. A bit difficult to handle the craft and cast, but the western shoreline and southern drop off should produce quantity, though quality may not be hitting as easily. Just FYI :D

Of course, today I am too busy to get out :evil:
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Thanks for the report and tips, Topwater. At least you got out for a bit :)
Hm...$6 a day is a little pricey, lol that's a bag of senkos. Hey, where exactly is lake Opeka located?
The yearly fee is definately worth it, at least thus far for me!! Daily, yeah its pricey. But, there are a bunch of good size fish there.

It is at Touhy and Lee streets in Des Plaines.
I think I'm going to have to give lake Opeka a shot, the Glen has been strugglin a bit this past week and I've fished there probably 5-6 days a week for the whole summer so far. After reading from your posts I see that you fish a lot from your boat, but is the fishing still alright from shore? I'm not too far from Des Plaines so I gotta get out there hopefully soon.
Ok, here's the scoop. Shore fishing at Opeka has limited 'spots'. If you check out the lake map at www.ifishillinois you'll figure out where they are. Unfortunately, the golf course side would be pretty much entirely fishable from shore. But its off limits. Some old timers I have met there say during the off season when the golf course is closed you can fish that side, but thats unofficial and probably frowned upon. Though I think you could get away with it. So legally, there is the south/southeast shoreline and the northern bay/marina that produce on senkos, maybe spinners but I have targeted LM Bass only. I haven't gone after the northern, walleye, carp, crappie and cats that are reportedly in there. No doubt there is more 'fishable' shoreline if you go after crappie and cats, and even northern as there are weedbeds on the northeast corner. I will likely start expanding my target, but wanted to get good at bass and senkos before going up north again in a few weeks so I've been limited.

Boat fishing at Opeka is usually very productive and there are some good honey-holes on the western shoreline that any reasonably good angler will find right away. But again, the north bay is I think often overlooked due to being relatively shallow and very rocky bottom. I've lost a lot of hooks/senkos in there! Actually, be prepared to lose a bunch of hooks/lures until you get to know the shoreline, they put rocks, bricks and concrete all around and the kids toss em in to see them go 'splash', which means you've got about ten feet of random debris to watch out for. Also, boat access is very limited: 11am ish to 7:30pm ish until the end of August, then weekends only through October if they feel like it. I say ish because its up to the old man who works there whether or not he feels like opening and closing at the posted hours :roll:

Anyway, Opeka can be difficult from all angles. But, if your patient it also can be very rewarding! I've caught more fish there in the past month and a half than in all my trips to Beck, Busse and Big Bend last year and this year combined. (I know, Big Ben is dead anyway!) Please practice catch and release! Who knows when or if they will restock the bass! Also, if you see a fat guy with an orange bucket come walking up, get outta MY SPOT!!!! (just kidding. well, sorta kidding. you don't have to, but it would be real nice of you :D )
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Hey topwater, thanks for the advice.
I saw in your profile that you're a seminary student, where are you attending seminary? I might actually be headed in that path as well, after I finish my undergrad at the U. of I down in Urbana.
Hey, that's great! I am starting my last year at Moody Graduate School and then will go on to Trinity for a ThM and hopefully a PhD. If you do choose that path, keep Moody in mind. It's not as, shall we say, fundamentalist as the undergrad school. It's not liberal or anything, but it is a lot more academic and open to discussion of various theological views. Plus, its pretty affordable compared to other seminaries.
lol, I hear that Moody is a great place to get married, eh? :wink:
I actually have a friend who's attending Moody right now, and my home church pastor is an alum as well.

But yeah, Trinity is probably one of my main choices for the future unless I'm called to go somewhere out of state (?) I still have a lot of discerning to do, but I'm pretty excited for what the future holds.

but anyways back to fishin'

I'll post up a report if I get a chance to go to Opeka hopefully within a week or 2.
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