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7/19 Lake Opeka Fishing Report

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Shore; overcast, 80*, einds seemingly from everywhere but mild. Threw only senkos and got the big skenko. Man, if this keeps up I might have to try axehead! Hope to get out by boat tomorrow and work the good shoreline, hope to have better luck than from the shore lately....
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hey topwater i would say at least you got out but that dosen't mean much to you bc you fish everyday anyway i was axehead on tuse. 18th not much going on had one LM but i lost him he kinda of beat my yum too what a nice guy fished pretty much whole lake alot of weeds so be prepared if you do make if to axehead i'll be there most likely around 8 or 9 for a hour or two
I may just try to get there tomorrow morning. Hey, can you park on the side of River Road there, or do the police not like that?
i always park on the river road side parking lot if your talking about getting there be4 they open up and parking on the road i don't know but its cool in the lot alot of people park in there
I was talking about the side of the road but not a big deal. just wondering....
i don't know about the side of the rode funny this came up tho i was just driving around with my gf and i saw two cars parked there at like 1130pm someones tring out the night fishing at axehead hope they don't get caught up
i've parked there several times early AM during the trout season and have not had any problems so far. i don't know about at 11:30 at night. that could be a little risky.
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