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I went back to Ig for the first time in forever. It was ridiculously hot and sunny so that really ate into my patience, especially after running out of water.
I found some bass under lilies and landed a smaller one on a senko. I should get a frog lure that will really splash lots and I bet Ill have even more luck. I was moving around by bicycle as usual so I covered alot of ground. I saw a school of 6 good sized 15-16 inch bass, they spooked when I brought my senko to them though.
Then I moved further down the shore and with the angle of the sun I could see a school of huge walleye! They were all over 24inches but I couldn't get them to bite. After wasting time on them and catching another couple small bass I moved to another old trusty spot and got the only decent bass of the day- 14 inches or so :? I also saw frogs eating a bird, this regular sized bird seemed to crash into the pond and it was trying to fly but couldn't. Then a frog tried eating it and it got away but it had to run a gauntlet of frogs to get to shore. They all tried eating it but couldn't swallow it and it got away. Thats about when I got really impatient so I threw the buzzbait but got nothing.
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