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Started out the day hanging out in the fieldhouse with Fishkid waiting to go out on the boat because the tornado siren went off and they wouldn't let us go out. At about 10Am the siren signaled the all clear so we headed out in search of the elusive LMB. We found them very quickly. Between about 10 and 230 we boated about 15-20. Various sizes, some keepers, some dinks, and a couple of decent 2-2.5lbers. At about 230ish, Rootpro joined us for some more action. We got about 10 or so between the 3 of us until about 4PM. At 4PM, Fishkid and Rootpro embarked on the next leg of their journey to a way off distant land in search of larger fish. Then my friend Tom joined me for some more Lake Opekachobie action. I started out hot, banging out 4 in the first half hour. Tom was tossing a crankbait and started nailing 'em from about 430 to 6. We stayed until 815ish and bagged about 25 between the 2 of us. I had another 2.5lber (I think it was the same fish from earlier) and Tom had a 2.15 monster. If I knew how to upload pics from my phone I would but I don't know how.
Creighton took a bunch of photos on his Blackberry that he will probably post on here later.
If anyone knows how to download photos from a Motorola KRAZR I'm all ears.
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