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7/22 Lake Opeka Fishing Report

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Boat: 80*, north winds, very sunny. Threw senkos and sluggo with little results, my wife got on a 10" smallie but lost it, I had on something of a nice size but lost it as I was trying to deal with the sife and her fish. So, not a good day at Opeka.

Also, for those interested, the powers that be have now made fishing near and from the docks off limits. Not much of an impact really, except the docks, you could reach good water from there but otherwise no biggie. Just seems as if they are doing everything in their power to make Opeka a non-fishable lake, but yet they stock it :? And there are BIG fish in there, just becoming more and more difficult to reach from shore.
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thats too bad about the docks topwater but from reading all your posts i know you'll find a way around it plus i'm sure as soon as you pull a state record from that lake they might change their minds about it being a fishing lake
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