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Me and Culprit fished the south pool using mostly senkos and top water lures from 7pm till about 9:15pm but we got skunked real bad. It was probably around 80 degrees out, slight SW breeze and that was about it. A dad and his 2 kids were catching crappie literally 1 foot from shore using small minnows on a bobber. Not my definition of fun, lol but I think the kids were enjoying it...
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With the coming HOT weather forcast, and August (catfish month) right around the corner, it might be time to start targeting some catfish at Lake Glenview.

While largemouth bass CAN be caught throughout the summer, forest preserve/park district lakes can be tough to fish for them. There is a TON of pressure and the fish usually go deep and are best caught at sunrise or sunset, but especially sunrise.

I know... catfish are not a gamefish to most, or me either. But it CAN be a fun time!

Chicken livers are my favorite baits for catfish. Just go to the meat section of the grocery store and pick up a whole tub of chicken livers for under 2 bucks. Chicken liver hooks are the best - they are basically a 2/0 sized hook with a big safety pin attached to hold the liver. But those hooks can be hard to find. What I do is freeze the livers before an outing, and glob them on a medium sized trebble hook or a regular 2/0 hook.

Of course, you can't keep the catfish from Lake Glenview, but it can be a nice and relaxing to way to spend some time fishing for good-sized fish, without actually being a "buckethead".
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catfish put up a fight...well at least the ones i caught did
cats can be a ton of fun. Up in WI I found a real nice cat hole, that we go to at dusk with some suckers under corks and just have a blast! Last August we kept reeling in some real nice size cats, well over 24" and some up to about 36"+
If you guys were reading the "Other Waters" page, some of us were talking about "Sherman Lake" which is located on Sanders Rd. just south of Dundee Rd. in northbrook, there are some really nice catfish in that lake. I usually catch them using a float and night crawler, or just leaving them sitting on the bottom. You can catch a bunch in a day on a good day, so if you guys are interested you should check it out.
Is Sherman Lake open to the public?
Well the entire north end of the lake is private because there are these houses on the lake.

But, if you go down Sanders Rd. you'll see a big sign that says "Wood Oaks Park" which is completely public. You just pull into there, there's a parking lot, and the entire southern end of the lake is open to fishing. It's really not a GREAT lake, but lots of catfish, carp, bluegill, crappie, and an occasional bass.
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