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I finally picked up minnows before heading to IG. I had a rod hold that I put the minnow rod into while I fished with the other rod. The first cast I had more bites on my senko. I still cant tell if these are bluegills and I just feel them better because the rod is better than my ugly stick.
I hit my old trusty spot and I saw something weird. It was a foot tall bush travelling across the opposite bank a few feet deep? It took me a minute but I jumped on my bike and rushed over with dreams of seeing a muskie dragging a fishing pole. Never found it but then when I got back to my spot the bobber was gone. I landed a decent 14 inch bass but it was gut hooked :roll: I cut the line and threw it back. Turtles chased me out, they know bobber means food and they chase it.
I moved and saw groups of bass in lily pads. One shiner was eager and jumped out of the bucket so I casted it out to the bass and they stripped it off the hook in less than a second. I caught one or 2 small ones and then they seemed to leave as I fished for a half hour there. Then I moved to the NW cove with the sunken trees. Hooked a couple dinks, had something wrap my line around a tree, and finished off the catching with a decent catfish. I lost a ton of hooks and a couple bobbers, also lost a hula popper at the end by casting it into the same tree twice in a row.
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Those pecks that you were feeling on the Senko were most likely bluegills. You will know when a bass takes it, because they usually try to swallow it hole, whereas panfish just nip at it. Thanks for the report.
Thanks for the report. It sounds like you are putting a lot of hard work into each of your outings. Before you know it you're going have a hog on the other end of your line!
got out, got on some fish, lost some tackle, all in a day's work for fishermen. :mrgreen:
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