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7-27-06 Deep Lake Report

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Got to fish Deep Lake this morning from 6:30am - 9:30am, Partly Cloudy Skies, Mid-70's to lower-80's and very humid, slight breeze from the South.

First hit up the North-west end of the lake to do some slop fishing in those pads and weeds. We tried to get as far back into the pads as possible, but it's real hard rowing when you have to rip up a lily-pad per every row (on each side...) but I fished a tournament frog and my friend fished a texas rigged plastic worm. I had one big strike on the frog, but I of course set the hook way too early and lost it. That's all the action we got up there.

We then moved to "The Point" on the western side of the lake (well I think we were there... Jason you're just gona have to show me the spot b/c I tried dropping anchor all over the place and I can't seem to find this shallow area). We tried throwing plastic worms, as well as a chug-bug for a while b/c I saw baitfish start jumping in schools for a while. We didn't get a single bite though.

We then went clear cross the lake to the South shoreline and then the action picked up.

First fish caught by my friend using a texas-rigged 6" red plastic worm by some lily pads and a dock. This was the biggest fish of the day, I'm guessing about 15" and probably a little short of 2 lbs.

I was fishing my trust-worthy 5" Smoke Pearl Yum Dinger and hooked into a dink. Then I was fishing this rocky shoreline on the South shore and I hooked into 3 fish on 3 casts (only landed 2 of them) They were all about 11-12" and I think the one I lost was a little bit bigger.

So, after fishing for a total of 3 hours (well more like 2 hours b/c we spent a lot of time rowing) we hooked into atleast 7-8 fish but only landed 5 of them. We would have definitely stayed longer but my friend had to get back to take an exam.

The key to catching them on the south-shore this morning was casting towards structure (usually docks, or very close to shore/rock wall) and just letting the Dinger sink (it kinda wobbles). The fish would usually pick them up on the fall, or when the bait had hit bottom and as soon as I saw the line twitch or move outward I just set the hook. If they didn't pick it up on the fall, or after I twitched it a few times I'd just fish it slowly for a while then just re-cast.

I'm still real excited to get back out there this saturday. Hope to hook into some of the biguns in there.
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Nice job guys. No monsters, but at least you got out on that beautiful lake and causght some bass!
Jack rents Motor's to Perty resonable priced Thats a tough lake to row I am getting to old for that
nice report tim. glad you had some action this time. the water looks nice and glassy. i'll try and get clearance from the tower for this sat.
Yeah it's $40 a day for a boat w/ a motor, but we were only fishing for a couple hours so it wasn't worth it.
nice Augy, yeah I think it'll be a nice WCF outing -- I remember you talking about wanting to go to Deep as the next one. I just hope the weather holds up...
Nice job fishboy !

did u try the house right on the corner before the little bay starts with the sand on the southside ur pic looks like ur rite there.
Aris, yeah I think I was right where you were telling me about, we were getting strikes like mad -- but couldn't hook anything too big. We anchored about 40 feet off shore by the first house past that mini-public beach. It's kind of like a little cove with 3-4 docks right next to each other, then we caught fish all along the shoreline passed the houses more to the right. I think I'm in love with this lake already even though I haven't pulled anything big out of it. It's a great lake to really learn how to bass fish, especially from a boat on a pretty big lake.
From the looks of those pics you were in the right spot we have pulled some lunkers out of there. Culprit and I fished there into the fall Late October
Topwater said:
Can you bring your own outboard???
yes you can. culprit told me he's done it many times. you just have to rent the boat.
u can bring ur own motor as long as its a 10hp or under and dont forget ur trolling motor!!
you going sat. Aris?? i got clearance from the tower so i'm a go for now. jason and i will be heading up there together unless someone else wants to join us for the ride.
I cant make it this weekend,but if anybody is interested for next weekend I`m in.
Hey Augy if u want to use my motor let me know.
we miss u on the glen Augy, start changin those diapers faster so u can meet us out there once in a while bud !!

enjoy ur new baby,she`s the most important person in the world!!
You see, Tim, Deep Lake is addictive! And you WILL get on some good bass sooner or later.

In case anyone hasn't seen... check out our pics from last year...
Jason, lol Deep Lake is DEFINITELY addicting. Especially b/c I live pretty north and at 5:00 am there's not a single bit of traffic so I can get up there in about 20 mins, which is not a problem. I'm pumped for saturday, and Aris I might be able to make it next weekend too if I get back from visiting some buds down in Urbana-Champaign where I hope to find some fishing spots for the school year.
Im in on Next Saturday Aris I will be at your House at 4:00am
Is Jack's boat rental and the lake open year round as long as ice isn't formed? I'd love to try Deep out but probably won't be able to get there until September.....
I have fished there befor thanksgiving and caught some nice fish Had to bundle up but it was worth it
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