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7/29 Lake Opeka Fishing Report

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Shoreline N: 7:30-8:45pm, calm, hot hot hot, tossed senkos, watermelon/cream brought in a nice 16", gullet hooked. Man I hate that. Tried my trusty new .99cent hook remover without success. Blood going everywhere. Released him hook and all and he took off. I gotta get a good pair of wire cutters that can reach down in there to at least snip the hooks off, maybe that'll improve their odds of survival. Two other nice hits but I missed em.
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Hey Tim...

I'm thinking of hitting Opeka Monday or Tuesday evening. Let me know if you're planning on being there.
Monday I could/should be there. Tuesday I'm working.....if you can do monday, how early can you get there? If early enough maybe we could hook up and take the boat out?
Hey topwater, I was thinking the same thing -- carrying around wire cutters and just cutting the line, then cutting the hook (at the barb/tip or maybe just in half and pulling it out from each end). Tell me how it goes if you try it out.
hey jason and topwater i live right by lake opeka maybe i could stop by there and you can teach me a few things?
Thanfully no need for gullet surgery today. I have bent the barbs down on the offset hooks though, at least while its hot and they're sucking the bait down. At least that way I have a btter chance of getting them unhooked. Circle hooks didn't work out for me today, so I think I'll keep with the offsets, just without a barb. I usually don't lose a fish on a direct tied hook anyway.

Cheeks: I am out almost every night for about an hour before sunset...stop by the fat guy sitting on an orange bucket on the south or north ends.

Jason: Maybe we can plan on thursday or friday anytime, tomorrow is gonna be blistering hot, and though I got a decent one today while out there, there weren't nearly the bumps there have been on cooler days. But if your up for it Monday evening I game....
I think we should shoot for an evening outing later this week when it's a bit cooler.
Sounds good Jason. Cheeks, I MAY be out tonight on shore up around the docks after 7:30pm, but thats a big MAYBE! In fact, as I think more about it I don't think I will. It's just too hot!!!! But thursday or friday if temps back off a bit I will for sure be out there.
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