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7/8 Lake Opeka Fishing Report

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10-noon, sunny, 80*, west winds @8mph. Threw entire arsenal of plastics and a rapala rnr5, not even a hint of a bite. One fish jumped in front of me, but other than that I got nothin' out of 'em.
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Out by boat: 4-7:30pm, sunny, s/sw winds, 80*. Fished south end and up west side with no action. Threw everything but nothing. Made my way towards the boat house off the 17th hole and started getting some action, a dink that was sickly and had a sore or something on its lip, likely won't make it, then a 12" LM, then a 14" LM, and then off the point just off the boathouse BAM, an 18.5" 3+lb LM hits my black 5" senko! What a beauty! Biggest LM I've had on to date! Made the 3+ hours of skunksville all worth it!

As I was getting ready to go in I noticed the gates to the marina were closed :?: So I get the older gentleman to open them and as I'm pulling in he tells me the marina closes at 6pm and had I waited another 20 minutes I would have been locked in :!: I didn't argue, but the web site and the guy who sold me the launch pass clearly stated that sunset was closing time. So beware if you go out by boat, they may lock you in! Municipalities!!! Go figure....
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