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Delayed report from IG...

I went up there last tuesday and fished about 5pm-close. I was having a pretty frustrating day with lots of lost lures, backlashes from the wind, and fish breaking line, but around 7pm the bite picked up and I got 3 decent bass off the sunken islands opposite the boat launch bay off a red/black senko texas rigged and jigging vertically in the weeds. I picked up a couple more smaller bass with a jerk shad soft-plastic and had tons of top water misses (likely the same few dinky bass) near the disabled access pier's outside weed edge, using a frog colored spook puppy. I had one hit so hard both the fish and lure were over a foot out of the water. Gotta give those dinks credit for the effort. I got a nice crappie off the jerk shad right as they came out to chase people off the lake. Couldn't believe the thing got the whole 6" shad and a 2/0 hook in it's mouth, lol.
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