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Went back because it was overcast and storms coming. I got minnows again but I barely used them because I forgot my pliers and stuff in case of gut hooking. I also lost my rod holder along the shore so from then on I used artificial.
I hit my usual spot for 20 minutes with the senko and it was dead. I moved to the steep bank of the nw cove with sunken trees. I got nothing on minnow or senko. Some idiot teenage fishermen started throwing boulders in so I left, also probably left my rod holder. I hit some lilly pads and realized my holder was gone. I pulled my minnow in a few inches from shore and went back on my bike leaving all my gear :shock: I saw a guy lipping a 13-14 incher but didnt find my holder. When I got back to my spot a big turtle was stealing my minnow :x Lucky he didnt get hooked and swim off with my rod. :)
I moved and finally got a bass-14-15 inches. It put up a great fight, best fight of the year probably because it was deeper or else this weather made them fight good. After a while I did a final cast for the area and got a dink to bite at the end of the retrieve. I missed the hookset but threw it right back to the same spot he bit and got him-10 inches.
It was starting to rain and I moved around to a new secret spot. It took a cast and I had a nice bass :) It was a bad spot because a bunch of reeds a yard into the water made it hard to land fish. I moved to a spot with a little more shore access and hit a mother lode of bass. I got 3 nice ones in 3 casts on 1 senko 8) Then when that got thrown off lipping one I put a 4 ich watermelon senko on and continued to catch one after another. They were all over 14 inches and healthy up to 2+ pounds, they each could have counted as my best fight of the before today,they were all hooked clean in the mouth too :D After around 10 bass I figured I would try another lure to get confidence in it. I threw a kinami nori bug a bit and then switched back to senko but the bite was dead and it just kept getting rainier. I tried some more spots for awhile and then rode my bike back out to my car wet and happy.
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