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8-17-06 Deep Lake Report

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Aris and I got out to Deep lake again this morning for the 2nd 'thursday morning' in a row. Fished from 6:00am - 12 pm (?) and all of our fish came from the south end of the lake fishing topwaters and senkos (Aris caught 3 and I got 2). The biggest fish was 17" and 2lb 10oz, and Aris fought one all the way to the boat that was 3lb+.

This was probably my last trip out to Deep Lake........ for atleast a month or two... Next time I'll get out will be in the late fall when I come back home visiting so we'd better do a WCF outing to Deep lake then! It was awesome meeting and fishing with all of you guys this summer.

Me with my 17" (2lb 10oz) fish caught off of a chrome colored Chug-Bug on my 1st or 2nd cast.

Aris with a good fish off of... of course his specialty: The Pop-R

Here's a picture of the lake that so many of us have fallen in love with this summer... (It's my desktop background on my computer... 8) )

Aris, thanks again for drivin' up and lugging all your stuff it was some good fishin' today
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Right on, guys! Way to get on some nice fish!
Good job guys! I'm so jealous. I'm still waiting to get out there for my first outing.
nice!! good luck in school this fall tim. we'll be sure to hook up at deep when you get back. stay out of trouble youngin. :mrgreen:
Thanks Augy, I'll stay out of trouble....... and I'll find out all the spots that the Illini fishing team hits up around chicago and I'll post em' up here.. hah hah I hope none of em' surf the web and find this post. I'll be shunned from joining the club/team :(
Nice looking fish :) They look really healthy.
Glad to see that Aris took you out for your final deep run for the summer, Tim. Good luck at school this fall and we'll hook up with a trip when you come back home.
goodluck at school Tim,had a great time fishing with u,see u whenever u make it back.
I`ll be practicing my landing big fish technique,lol.
Aris, next time I fish with ya I expect to see you landing them big'uns using your new customized Pop-Rs... lol
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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