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Started fishing the northwest finger, all the way on the west side by the grate. Noticed a new hatch of something swimming around. Then out of no where 3 lmbs, charged up out of the deep and coraled, them all up and had a nice feast. The bass scared some of them on shore and noticed they were all Bluegills. They kept doing this time after time after time. Theyd just sit a few feet back and wait for them to come back. Just sat there and watched that for a while Was just like a western cattle round up! No wonder the bass at lake arlington are getting so fat! So i fished there for a bit, caught a nice FAT 15" incher on a senko. Headed over to the southwest finger for a little topwater but no luck, so out went the the ole trusty senko and landed this guy, another fattie, 17". Took a long time to catch these guys, but it was worth it. Learned that you just gotta take your time.. Fished from from about 3:30 to 7:30

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