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Fished the Glen tonight from 7:30 to 9:00 in my usual spot just north of the bridge. Used small fatheads and caught a total of 16 crappies. I lost atleast twice as many as I caught. The fishing was slower tonight. I'm blaming it on a strong north wind. And yes they were all released unharmed.
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I forgot to mention that I lost a walleye as I was bringing it in. It had surfaced and it wasn't completely dark yet so I could see it was a walleye. That's one of the problems with barbless hooks.
Thanks for the report, toothdoc :) Yep, that's the price we pay sometimes for using barbless hooks, but the benefit of easier hook removals more than makes up for it :)
Thanks for the report. I'll be out there tomorrow morning...had to change the IG plans. Where do you get your fatheads from...I always drive to Ed Shirley's, but wondered if there was a bait shop closer to the Glen?
Sorry that I didn't see your post earlier Phil. Ed Shirley's in Morton Grove is the closest. I usually get quite a few and then I use an aerator from a fish tank to keep them for up to a week.
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