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8/19 morning report

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A fun morning at Lake Arlington! I started working a Pop-r near a drain ditch and caught a few agressive crappie looking for breakfast. The bites were very slow and I slide over a few yards and started trying deeper baits. Started jig and roaches - bamn x 8 (the number of roaches I had). Switched to plastic shads with the same jig. Bamn x 6. Switched to lizards with the same jig. Bamn x8. (They hit those really hard) and swithced to a twister tail and jig and the bites were slow. All in all I brought in 22 bass between 12-17 inches long. I didn't have a scale but the biggest was close to 3 lbs (pretty fat). The bites slowed down so I took off but I will be back for more fishing fun!
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That sounds like a fantastic morning. I still have not fished Lake Arlington. It sounds like I need to give it a try!
I'm sure Emeril Lagasse (BAM!) would've been proud :lol: Seriously, I'm very envious of the action you saw :)
22 fish...yeah, i'd say that was a fun and successful outing. where are the pics?
Normally I go with my brother who carries his cell phone with a camera. I didn't think anything special today so I didn't bring my camera :-( Next time.
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