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anyone headed to deep this weekend i'm going to be there around 5:00a.m. again if anyone wants to go i'll see u there
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Hey, I don't think I'll be able to make it...

maybe though, lol
I may be able to go I'll let you know by Friday. We just need a motor. I'm sure not rowing all day :wink:
I`m out of this 1 :(
wow what a happin place wish I could go!!!!!!!!
i can't make this one either boys! hope i can handle it cause i be needin my weekly deep lake fix. i was about to say "need some more deep action". glad i caught that one. phew! u know jason would of jumped all over that one with his infatuation with brokeback mountain comments.
dude, quit f***ing around with my avatar, bitch! :evil:
Sorry. But it was funny! :D
Hey Tony I am IN for Saturday. :D
I have left a message with a friend to see if I can use his motor
Ok I have 1 friend that is in also. Still waiting on the guy that has 2 motors to call back
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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