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Stopped by Lake Arlington for about 30 minutes this afternoon. Fished the north end of the lake. Only managed to have one largemouth stike a Yum crawbug but lost him right at the shore. Looked to be about 15-16". Tried some other plastics and a few Rapalas, but no other takers. This was my first time there and I will definitely be going back when I have a little more time to fish it.
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That's a real nice place to fish, doc. While i've not come accross any lunkers, there are indeed some very decent bass in that lake. I've had some of my best luck along the south shoreline right around the main point and on the south north shoreline directly down from the gazebo.
That is a nice place. I'll be there Saturday morning.
If my other fishing plans for Saturday don't pan out, I'll be back there in the morning too.
In reading many post this season it seems like every lake is best on the south part... :?

Aexhead south pool is good
Deep Lake South part by the beach is producing big fish
Belleua caught one nice on the south east side
The Glen South pool looks to be good
Busse the south pool is said to be the place
interesting basscaster.
doc and cacker if u guys r free saturday morning y dont u guys come out to deep lake ?
Culprit - thanks for the invite,but I have a short morning planned since my wife needs me home by 11 to watch our daughter (she's got a baby shower). Arlington is 10 mins from my house so it's perfect (I'm near Woodfield)
thats cool dude,maybe another time.
i understand.
Aris, I might be able to do Deep this Saturday. I have tentative plans to go back up to the private pond that I fished a few weeks ago. If that doesn't pan out then Deep is a possibility. I would really love to try Deep, as I haven't fished there yet and you guys have really wet my appetite!
if i were u i`d definatly do the private pond

deep is almost like a private pond lol.
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