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8/23 report

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ShoreS: 11-11:30am, west winds mild, 84*, sunny. Absolutely nothin. Not even a hint of a bite. Water level is down from a few weeks ago. Water also seems murkier. I didn't work the senko well as I am just too impatient. In WI they hit on the initial drop so it was a cast-drop-reel in; cast-drop-reel in kind of working it, so I was a bit frustrated by the lack of action after five minutes :cry: Man, this sucks! I know I need to accept my present circumstances and deal with living in an overfished, overpopulated city with nothin but mudpuddles to fish in, but jeeze...all I want to do is catch a fish or two :( Ok, rant over, I just need to prioritize my free time and get to delevan or something until the temps drop, the pressure lessens and the fish start biting again....
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yeah it's tough fishing heavily populated areas with so much pressure but we should still consider ourselves lucky. we live in an area that provides some fine angling opportunties yet so close to a big city lifestyle.
My buddy takes his son there all the time and all they've been able to catch as of late has been catfish. The ones he's pulled out have been big boys though. The last one was in the 22-22" range.
Yeah, we do have ok fishing op's very close to home, which is nice. Just tough comming off a week of mid-size lakes with tons of spots to fish and the real possibility of a trophy size catch. Opeka does have real nice fish in there, I've seem the LMB and have heard of the cats and pike. It just seems to have shut down the last four weeks or so (for LMB), since the warm weather has hit.
I've thought of renting a boat during the day and tossing some Rapala's and spoons to see if I can catch one of those elusive pike and maybe hitting the southwest deep area and seeing if the bass have been hiding there.
I would suggest the whole western shoreline with senkos, spinners and rapala's. The topo map suggests that southwest corner, but I haven't gotten too much from there by boat, but also haven't worked deep. There is a nice submerged log near that end along the west shore that is very productive. Also, don't overlook the marina bay area, a heavy lure/senko can be cast midway out from shore, or from boat you can work the area of landscaping at the bend in the shore, also a very productive area, got a 3lber out of that spot.
Cool. Thanks for the help.
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