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Fished this morning for about an 90 minutes. Fished the southside of the northpool. Managed to land one 12" LMB, but that was it. :lol: I had several other strikes but lost both of them. All were with a Yum Crawbug. I tried some other plastics and a number of hard baits, but no other takers. I talked to a couple of old timers that sounded like they fish there a lot and they said that the fishing has been real slooooooow. One of them told me that he watched a guy land like 12 bass on the south pool this morning using some sort of plastic worm.

Now onto the part that really made me mad. There was a guy fishing in the northpool using 3 rods, 2 with live bait and 1 with lures. He landed a 24" northern using a lure and instead of releasing the fish, he walked back around to the other side where his other poles and tackle were. He plopped the fish down on the grass and then proceded to set up a tripod and then a camera on the tripod. Then he was messing around with the camera to frame the best picture. All the while this was going on the fish was flopping around on the land. After about 3 minutes of the fish being out of the water I finally started to walk over to him. He proceded to take a picture then place the fish back down and set his camera up again, take another picture, and another. I finally yelled at him to get the fish back into the water ASAP, which he finally did. I told him that it was probably dead. He said it wasn't, but it was belly up and barely alive. I finally just walked away very frustrated. :evil:

I just don't understand some people. Obviously he was very excited to catch such a nice fish, but he walked right by another fisherman that could have taken a picture for him.
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That sucks Doc. My brother and I were out there this morning too. We fished the southside of the north pool for a bit using both live and plastics. I grabbed two little ones (baby and ~10") LMB on plastic shad on a jig. It got slow so we went to the south pool and my brother got a 16" fat LMB on a nightcrawlers near a Tree branch (we saw the guy jump
early on, thought it might have been a carp, but it was an LMB)

We went back over to the north pool and there was a nice gentleman there who nabbed about 5 LMB including what I'd call a hawg for LA (it had to go 4-5 lbs and 20") on a plastic tube grub dragging the bottom. After he caught the 5 (in literally 8 casts), the fish stopped biting and we left.
Wow, it sounds like you guys saw a lot more action than I did this morning. I didn't get up too early and ended up not getting there until about 8 am. Next time I go I think that I am going to try the southpool, since that seems to be a more productive spot.
what`s the size of this lake ?
I believe it's about 90 acres. There is ~2 mile walking trail that goes aorund it. No boats except for the rented paddle boats (which start after 10 AM) and sailboats (they do classes)
It's hard to say if its bigger or smaller than Lake Glenview. It is different than the Glen because it sits down in a basin. The other nice thing about it is the fact that you have a short walk from the parking lot to some good fishing spots.
toothdoc said:
I told him that it was probably dead. He said it wasn't, but it was belly up and barely alive.
:cry: :evil:
It's two days later and I'm still [email protected]$$ed. I ended up leaving and not sticking around to see the outcome of the poor fish. Some people just don't understand CPR and how long a fish can safely be out of the water. I think that this guy had that pike out of the water for almost 5 minutes! :x
I hear ya, Doc. I'd be pissed off to no end too.
So would I I hate the DNR here they should be more strick I used to see these guy's at Busee Woods leaving with a stringer of LM that I knew were under 14 Inches and they taste terrible there a game fish :evil:
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