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8/3 Lake Opeka Fishing Report

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ShoreS: 9:30-10am, overcast, drizzle, north winds, 70*. Didn't try too hard this morning. Threw trusty 5" green/white senkos with nary a bump. Just too lazy to do much more. Did see a boat out that I have seen out before, I started to get ticked cause I'm like hey, if I can't go out before 11am you shouldn't. But they wandered the lake and finally anchored not too far from me. Must have been either park district employees or maybe DNR, cuse they sat ther taking water samples and writing stuff down. So whatever they were doing was 'scientific'. Anyway, the conditions for fishing were fantastic for Opeka with the exception of the t-storms we had last night. That seems to shut the LMB down completely for a day or two there. :cry: Plus, the water temp was definately higher than the air temp, I kept feeling the breeze on my legs that was much much warmer than the air temp.

The upside is I do feel much more confident with plastics now despite the drop in catch rate lately. End of next week we go back up to northern wisconsin and I am going to definately target LMB at the lake we're on. Years ago my dad got his trophy LMB from there, so who knows :D
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how big was that trophy top? hopefully i'll get my trophy bass at deep this sat.
ya know, i don't remember the size and weight, i do remember it hanging on our wall growing up and that it came from Des Moines lake. But it was huge! Far bigger than anything I've ever seen pulled out personally, it had to be over 24"+. He also had a pretty massive northern pike from canada, had to be 46"+
The fish usually slow down after a heavy rain like that. It should pick up tomorrow.
PM ShoreS: 7:30-8:30, calm, 2 10" LMB on black senko. Nothing else.
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