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8/30 AM Trip Report

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Culprit said:
Nice toad Mike ! Did u get a wieght or measurement ?

Edai ?
Was the lake and Jacks busy ?

Sorry bout all the questions lol
No Problem, Aris. And, yes, it was me! I finally made a fishing appearance on WCF (or anywhere for that matter). The new addition at home has kept me from fishing much this year.

Anyway, when I arrived at Jack & Lidia's, there was nobody there (except Tony). So the early am fishing was calm and peaceful. I fished the south side the entire time (6:15am-10:45am), with the exception of a few casts by the launch based on Mike's recommendation. There were only 3-4 boats fishing all morning on the lake that I could see from the south side.

The report: 5 non-keepers (<14") and 3 keepers (14.5", 16", 17"). Nothing spectacular, but definitely a good quantity fishing day out on the lake. I was by myself, so only one picture taken (since all bass look the same size--huge basically--when I take pics with one hand while lipping the fish with the other).

This is the first time I've fished Deep on my own in a long time, and I must say, it's pretty relaxing having no one to talk to, crying in my ear, or yapping at me for 4 hours. :wink:

When I was leaving, a ski boat had already made about 10 loops around the lake creating wakes that no longer made it peaceful. Also, there were about 30 people around the boat launch having a BBQ. 7 of which were using those poles with bobbers already in the water when we arrived at 6am.

BTW, does anyone know if Jack has a cute looking daughter or niece ~22-24 y.o. (who is now pregnant)? Not that I am at Deep often this year, but in the past years, whenever I finish fishing around 11am, she's usually hanging out by the office and is always the one who helps me call/find Stosh/John to cart my crap back up the hill. Decent eye candy after a long morning on the waters. :D
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Welcome back Eric & nice fishing !
Congrats on the new baby !
Welcome back , sounds like you have been a busy man !!!!
he..he.. mmmm eye candy :p

nice Report! And great job on the bass to. keep them coming :D :D
Good job out there Edai.
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