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8/6 Evening

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I decided to go to Ed Shirley's and get some small fathead minnows to fish the Glen. I'm glad that I did. My son and I got there around 7:30 and left before 9:00. We caught over 25 white crappies. 2 of them were 12 inches long. No bass or walleye.
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Hey, nice job with them crappie, Toothdoc!
Hey toothdoc, one evening I was out there and I saw a dad and his two kids pull out a ton of crappie & a few LMB fishing minnows on a bobber literally 1 foot off the rocks on the south pool. They must be hanging out right there in the shade under the overhang of those rocks. Nice job!
That wasn't me. My son is 14 and is as big as me. We fished just north of the bridge. Minnows just about 12-18 inches below the bobber.
doc, did you happen to see the nitwit clerk at shirley's. just curious, i haven't received any type of reply from my complaint letter.

I didn't really pay any attention when I was in Shirley's on Sunday afternoon. There were just 2 guys working there. One that has been there quite awhile and a guy that I haven't seen there before.
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