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8/8, 9, 10 reports

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ShoreS: worked the southern shoreline each mornning from about 9-10 or so. 8 & 9 got a few LMB's but nothing this morning. Seems as though the senko just ain't hittin it anymore there, at least not around the weedbeds accessible from shore. Tried some spinners but nothin. Haven't throw topwaters though, but I hesitate cause I've just never gotten anything on 'em, but the weedbeds are shallow so maybe I'll reconsider tomorrow am. Hate to go with live bait, but am getting tempted. I know they're in there, I've seen 'em with me own eyes :twisted:
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Tim... you might want to try a leech for bait. I've had a lot of success with them this time of year at park district and forest preserve lakes.
Do you know of a place to get them closer than Ed Shirley's?
Lees dollar plus, Its on Arlington Heights Rd and Higgins, by the bowling alley almost sure that he has leeches. They dont have bait at opeka anymore?
They have amachine, but last time i tried that the leeches had mold on em :shock:
Generally I rig a 1/4oz jig head with a curly tail minnow grub and hook the leech onto that. I think that is the most common way, but there are others I'm sure....
Can you fish them off a bobber?
You can try anything :D If you do that I would suggest a slip bobber with a split shot, keeping the leech on the bottom.
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