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9/16 report

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ShoreS: west/south winds very mild, 80ish, sunny, 5:30-6:30pm. Tossed a few senkos with nothin. Tried a buzzbait with nothing and a white spinner with nothin. Threw a black spinner with willow leaf blade and got a nice 16" LMB on, hit it right under the surface. Good looking fish too, very meaty and good color. I hope this is a sign of better fishing to come :D
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Thats a nice fish. The crazy thing about Fall to me is the window is so short. I always keep saying I will get out next week but before I know it is November :p
It looks like the fishing at Opeka might be picking back up. Thanks for the report. :D
Yeah, fall is too short for me as far as fishing goes. We were gonna go to Delavan on friday, but it was so nice we figured everybody else would be going too so we're gonna try again in two weeks.
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