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First time at this lake. I've driven by it a million times so it was about time I stopped by.
Fished from about 4:30pm to 8 and nothing. I threw everything I had at them.
The non resident adult fee for me was 4.50 so it looks like the price went up since the site info was posted. Might be time to update that. They checked my receipt within 5 minutes of my first cast so make sure you're paid up! Next time there I'll get a list of the new prices.
And I do plan on going back. It's a nice lake! The shore is very clean and there wasn't a lot of geese.
There were lots of other people fishing around the lake, and a gentleman in a boat, and they all reported the same thing. A quiet day here with no action.
Between yesterday and today the worst part had been the mosquitoes. Any tiny spot with no repellent on is covered in bites. I have about 10 on my elbow. I guess the rain last week really stirred things up.
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